Early Years (1.5 – 4 Years)

For they are like daffodils budding to bloom…

With a child-centric approach, this holistically designed curriculum focuses on:

  • Communication & Language Skills
  • Creative Expression
  • Motor Skills and Sensory Experiences
  • Personal and Social Development

With a prime focus to activate an interest for learning, this curriculum endeavour’s to develop the child’s explorative nature.

Developing communication skills, verbal capabilities and physical experiences through a positive environment, the aim is to instil a constructive attitude towards learning.

With personal and social development at the heart of it, the play group Curriculum integrates progressive learning across the key domains of cognitive, social, emotional and physical development:

Communication Skill

The emphasis is on letting them express themselves through various means of communication, be it verbal or non-verbal. Furthermore, promoting social interactions in order to develop their speaking, listening and understanding skills, as this plays a major role in building their personal identity. Overtime, this results in growth of the child’s linguistic abilities. They don’t just learn what to say, but also learn how to say it, because through their learning experiences, they are empowered to respond to various contexts and situations.

Motor Skills

Since physical development is an important aspect Helping them build their sensory A pro-active, exploratory and rich sensorial learning experience that develops children’s motor abilities such as fine motor skills, finger muscles dexterity and control, and eye-hand coordination.

Body Works

Gross motor curriculum that capitalises on the nature of children to be active and energetic.

Music Works

A music and movement programme that promotes awareness and music appreciation, and understanding of basic music elements while exploring with various percussion instruments, rhythm, songs and creative movements.

At an age where the child’s mind is full of curiosity, nurturing this side is what matters. Give their creative mind wings and rest assured, they will bloom and reach the skies!

This curriculum facilitates a constructive atmosphere to utilize their energies and direct it towards productive learning.

The basic agenda is to enable the ‘art of exploration’ through:

  • Expressive Communication
  • Kinaesthetic Learning Engagement
  • Motor Skills and Sensory Experiences

A stepping stone to their development, Nursery is an encouraging phase where the child further consolidates their experiential learning.

The curriculum is thoughtfully designed keeping in mind the link between their previous exploratory experiences and building those further into relevant skills through domains such as:

  • Language & Vocabulary
  • Motor Skills
  • Individual, Emotional & Social Development
  • Cognitive Growth

Kindergarten (4 – 6 Years)

Developing Life Skills, Self-Directed Learning, Academic Competencies

The Preschool curriculum adopts a cognitive and constructivist approach to learning. In the preschool years, expectations for holistic goals, development of life skills, learning dispositions and attitudes, as well as academic competencies are promoted through an integrated curriculum, complemented by an interactive skills curriculum; all of which are designed to cater for process-oriented learning and the acquisition of knowledge, concepts and skills.

  • Reading Skills
  • Integrated thematic learning
  • Math Works

By this stage, children have developed a social understanding thus, from here on, their skills need to be developed further so as to initiate the love for learning and education.

The curriculum is designed to structure learning and prepare them for schooling so this process demands a ‘subject matter learning’ approach however we continue to focus on their individuality and promote social interactive learning.

Getting them all prepped up for school this curriculum would polish their skills further to make them outshine from the rest.