About us

Kids Cove

The mind of a child is highly impressionable. Their childhood sets a foundation for a lifetime, making it crucial to attend to them in the right manner. KIDSCOVE, a name synonymous to ‘sheltering kids with love and care’, aims to set a strong foothold in the child care segment. With highly equipped services and a staff that’s trained by experts from Singapore, we wish to provide a ‘state of the art’ experience. Rest assured, your child is growing in a nurturing environment as they learn, play and develop into tomorrow’s bright future...

As we integrate an international standard curriculum that involves innovative learning systems and latest pedagogies, we promise to empower your child and place them amongst the stars.

Our Team

We take pride in introducing to you our staff that is extremely skilled and talented in the child care segment. Added to that they share a genuine interest in developing young minds with a passion toward early child care education.

Our Vision

To be a leading organization in the preschool segment, offering an outstanding early education experience with high quality and progressive teaching methodologies, so as to empower children with the ability to transform their lives toward bright futures

Our Mission

To set a comprehensive environment for quality education with a nurturing approach that helps in developing social, emotional and behavioral skills within young minds of the children.


Every child is unique and special in their own way, so let’s celebrate their individuality…

Individuality is a key element that we continue to promote throughout our journey with your child. It’s at a very young age that the child develops a strong foundation for a lifetime and we strongly believe that we must empower them to be who they want to be.

Formal education today is just a part of the child’s overall development. They need more than just a holistic approach that helps them develop into bright futures of tomorrow. With a curriculum that integrates social, behavioural and cognitive growth